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Virtual curriculum designed for an IT security services firm Project

An IT security services firm has a very competent team, each of which specializes in certain aspects of IT security.  The team is geographically dispersed and has limited capacity to share knowledge amongst one another.

The firm’s aim is to have greater advantage on the market by raising the knowledge and skill level of all it’s specialists in the most important areas of IT security so that all team members are able to deliver the same standard of service and will move into the specialist role in exceptional circumstances.

The team is not co-located and has conflicting client assignments, making it impossible to learn ‘together’, while at the same time having the need to learn from one another.

The virtual learning curriculum solution delivered includes:

  • Specially selected online courses delivered by the top people in the profession, together with colleagues from other firms in the industry
  • Knowledge sharing between team members focusing on specific topics, delivered virtually and recorded for later use
  • Follow-up activities and discussion points for all internal team knowledge sharing activities via a team intranet site, facilitated by the firm leadership

The virtual learning curriculum solution provides them with:

  • The ability to conduct semi-synchronous learning – everyone goes through each module and learning point at their own pace within a designated time frame (for example 3 weeks)
  • The ability to expand the resources they tap into beyond their team and organization, and use what is now available for others in their industry

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