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eLearning Custom Developed Alongside Large Technology Implementation Project

Deploying new technology in large organizations requires us to implement a strategy to support the needs of the end users in the areas of:

  • Learning
  • Change Management
  • Communications

A well structured eLearning can support this fully, especially in organizations which are dispersed geographically yet still require a consistent approach to technology deployment.

In support of a large scale technology implementation, which had a major impact on the daily routine of users in the organization, we develop a custom eLearning which includes:

  • A message from leadership communicating the impact of the change and the benefits to all
  • An overview of what the change means for each individual
  • Ability to interact with and get to know the technology solution at a basic level
  • Supporting resources embedded in the eLearning which align with the resources available after the technology is in use (i.e – FAQs, Support, guides, etc.)

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