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eLearning Custom Developed Alongside Large Technology Implementation Project

Deploying new technology in large organizations requires us to implement a strategy to support the needs of the end users in the areas of:

  • Learning
  • Change Management
  • Communications

A well structured eLearning can support this fully, especially in organizations which are dispersed geographically yet still require a consistent approach to technology deployment.

In support of a large scale technology implementation, which had a major impact on the daily routine of users in the organization, we develop a custom eLearning which includes:

  • A message from leadership communicating the impact of the change and the benefits to all
  • An overview of what the change means for each individual
  • Ability to interact with and get to know the technology solution at a basic level
  • Supporting resources embedded in the eLearning which align with the resources available after the technology is in use (i.e – FAQs, Support, guides, etc.)

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End to end eLearning solution for a European Financial Institution Project

Regulatory compliance through eLearning.

A large European financial institution, is required to comply with anti-money laundering legislation.   One of these requirements is the delivery of a learning program.

We work with the client to deliver an eLearning module that covers all aspects of the law, and trains all employees on how to identify the potential signs of money laundering when dealing with clients in their day to day work.

The institution does not have a learning platform on which to host their solution, so they elect to use our ‘end to end’ eLearning services.  Moonbridge develops the module for free, hosts the module on our Moonbridge learning platform, and provides the client with enrollment and completion reports on a monthly basis.

As per the end to end eLearning delivery agreement, the client must pay for 10,000 enrollments over 5 years, at a cost of $5 per enrollment. After 1 year, having trained all of their staff, they have already achieved 7000+ enrollments, and expect that the remaining 3000 will be covered by new hires over the next 5 years.

They will continue to employ Moonbridge to update this eLearning module as needed, based on changes in the law or the internal policy of the financial institution.


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