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Project Management Training Course Project

This custom developed program was designed to teach the basics of Project Management in the context of being a project team member, a project lead and eventually moving into a manager role.

Moving away from the standard approach of drilling Project Management theory in the interest of obtaining a project management certification, this program was designed to give interactive and hands on experience in the comfort of a classroom environment, by teaching the key aspects of the project management cycle that are standard to all project management methodologies.

The focus of the learning program was to go through each aspect of project management with interactive exercises that test the existing assumptions of the learners, allow the learners to test out new skills, and give them the confidences to go out and try their new skills with their team and clients.

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New hire induction learning curriculum design and delivery toolkit, internal facilitators prepared Project

A multinational organization was looking for a way to standardize the induction training for all new hires across all of their offices in Central and Eastern Europe.  Cooperating with their stakeholders we developed a new hire induction learning curriculum and a delivery toolkit consisting of:

  • Presentation
  • Activities
  • Hand-outs/pamphlets
  • Facilitator’s guide
  • Corresponding intranet pages

Alongside the delivery of the learning curriculum, we ran several in person and virtual workshops to prepare the selected facilitators in each office to deliver the induction trainings.

The outcome was a unified message and experience for all persons joining the organization across a large number of countries.

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Learning program supporting Counselor development Project

Invest in your leaders.

When a large firm went through a Performance Management transformation, they also utilized the opportunity to further develop the counselors in their organization as coaches.

The solution consisted of:

  • Guides and a question bank to support each of the counseling sessions
  • A video showing the DOs and DON’Ts of counseling
  • Guidance on how to give and receive feedback
  • A classroom learning program that would allow counselors to ‘act out’ their role and develop themselves in a comfortable environment

The message was that the counselor has the most important role in helping to develop and retain the right talent in the organization, and the organization wants to make the right investment in its counselors.

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