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Virtual curriculum designed for an IT security services firm Project

An IT security services firm has a very competent team, each of which specializes in certain aspects of IT security.  The team is geographically dispersed and has limited capacity to share knowledge amongst one another.

The firm’s aim is to have greater advantage on the market by raising the knowledge and skill level of all it’s specialists in the most important areas of IT security so that all team members are able to deliver the same standard of service and will move into the specialist role in exceptional circumstances.

The team is not co-located and has conflicting client assignments, making it impossible to learn ‘together’, while at the same time having the need to learn from one another.

The virtual learning curriculum solution delivered includes:

  • Specially selected online courses delivered by the top people in the profession, together with colleagues from other firms in the industry
  • Knowledge sharing between team members focusing on specific topics, delivered virtually and recorded for later use
  • Follow-up activities and discussion points for all internal team knowledge sharing activities via a team intranet site, facilitated by the firm leadership

The virtual learning curriculum solution provides them with:

  • The ability to conduct semi-synchronous learning – everyone goes through each module and learning point at their own pace within a designated time frame (for example 3 weeks)
  • The ability to expand the resources they tap into beyond their team and organization, and use what is now available for others in their industry

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eLearning Custom Developed Alongside Large Technology Implementation Project

Deploying new technology in large organizations requires us to implement a strategy to support the needs of the end users in the areas of:

  • Learning
  • Change Management
  • Communications

A well structured eLearning can support this fully, especially in organizations which are dispersed geographically yet still require a consistent approach to technology deployment.

In support of a large scale technology implementation, which had a major impact on the daily routine of users in the organization, we develop a custom eLearning which includes:

  • A message from leadership communicating the impact of the change and the benefits to all
  • An overview of what the change means for each individual
  • Ability to interact with and get to know the technology solution at a basic level
  • Supporting resources embedded in the eLearning which align with the resources available after the technology is in use (i.e – FAQs, Support, guides, etc.)

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New hire induction learning curriculum design and delivery toolkit, internal facilitators prepared Project

A multinational organization was looking for a way to standardize the induction training for all new hires across all of their offices in Central and Eastern Europe.  Cooperating with their stakeholders we developed a new hire induction learning curriculum and a delivery toolkit consisting of:

  • Presentation
  • Activities
  • Hand-outs/pamphlets
  • Facilitator’s guide
  • Corresponding intranet pages

Alongside the delivery of the learning curriculum, we ran several in person and virtual workshops to prepare the selected facilitators in each office to deliver the induction trainings.

The outcome was a unified message and experience for all persons joining the organization across a large number of countries.

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Learning program supporting Counselor development Project

Invest in your leaders.

When a large firm went through a Performance Management transformation, they also utilized the opportunity to further develop the counselors in their organization as coaches.

The solution consisted of:

  • Guides and a question bank to support each of the counseling sessions
  • A video showing the DOs and DON’Ts of counseling
  • Guidance on how to give and receive feedback
  • A classroom learning program that would allow counselors to ‘act out’ their role and develop themselves in a comfortable environment

The message was that the counselor has the most important role in helping to develop and retain the right talent in the organization, and the organization wants to make the right investment in its counselors.

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