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Information architecture

In this day and age, we are overloaded by information.  This is especially prevalent in large organizations.  At Moonbridge, we are specialists in information architecture and can support you in simplifying your message and getting it across to your people through the right information channels, in a manner that will resonate with them.

What do information architects do?

Information architects are more than just designers, visionaries, or project managers – they are the people focused on delivering a solution to the user that is easy to use and friendly.

We might start out as designers, or simply work alongside designers and developers to determine the best approach to delivering information and experience to your people, whether it is through a learning, a website, a software interface, or anything that people interact with to receive information.

We are like urban planners, or traditional architects, in that we hold the holistic vision for how things will work, and it is our job to bring all the pieces together to make the experience a smooth one for the learning, user, reader.


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  • Interactive diagram of a new airport terminal – published as both a website and mobile application


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