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End to end eLearning for as little as $5 a learner


At Moonbridge Learning we create tailored learning experiences to meet the needs of your organization.

We are able to offer you a unique approach to eLearning design and delivery, an end to end eLearning solution where we will:

  • Design and develop the eLearning module for free
  • Host the eLearning on our Learning Platform, and deliver monthly reporting to you on enrollments and completions
  • Charge you a low rate per learner
  • Support you with changes and edits needed to the eLearning as your organization or the information presented within the modules changes

Free yourself from the burden of development, hosting, tracking, and maintenance.

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Engaging Classroom Courses


Our course curriculum covers a wide spectrum, and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your organization.

The engaging courses we’re offering this year are:

  • Manager Boot Camp
  • Project Management and Delivery
  • Developing as a Leader
  • The IQ and EQ of Storytelling
  • Presentation Skills
  • Written Business Communication
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Finance for Non-Finance People
  • Maths Made Easy
  • Coach and Mentor Academy
  • Conflict Management
  • Cooperating Effectively Across Diverse Cultures
  • An Introduction to IT Projects for the Uninitiated
  • Security Management, a Manager’s Perspective
  • Understanding Web Development

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Custom developed eLearning and games


“I was not informed…”

Empowering your people with the right knowledge does not have to be expensive, and the benefits will serve to transform your people into self-sufficient decision makers, making for a healthy organization.

“eLearning is tedious and boring…”

The approach does not have to be boring, it can be engaging and call upon each individual’s intrinsic motivation to play and learn.

Our custom developed eLearning and games employ the latest approaches to learning, playing and gaming, and deliver a module that is both informative and captivating.

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